Every now and then our goals in life are dealt a heavy blow and that is inevitable. However, whether we choose to stay knocked down is entirely up to us. To make it in any aspect of life you need to be resilient.

Endurance is a trait that is developed over time and requires a lot of patience as well as the willingness to adapt to various situations and environments. Resilience requires us to be strong willed and not to be pliant to any challenge (big or small) that we face in trying to achieve our dreams; to keep our eyes on the ball.

There are a number of factors that help us unlock our potential and be resilient. Some of them are;

·         Self- Only we can determine how successful we want to be. Indeed our lives are shaped by our thoughts. Whenever we set goals we have to be prepared to meet head on a plethora of challenges after all if it were easy to achieve our goals we wouldn’t have to prepare. 

·         People- Friends and strangers in our lives play a crucial role in how we respond to various challenges in our lives. They may fortify our determination to overcome any obstacles we come across on our journey or they may pull us down; nudging us to give up our goals and dreams which they may perceive as either foolhardy or insurmountable.

There are a couple of other factors as well that play a seminal role in how resilient we are as indicated on the resilience compass. By implementing all the mentioned factors we become more resilient as individual members of team. A unity of purpose is also achieved leading to a more cohesive unit and thus a greater probability of achievement.

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